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Alabama C.A.R.E

In March 2020, PSS organized a childcare provider-led coalition that was endorsed by the Alabama NAACP,  Alabama C.A.R.E (Childcare Centers Advocating for Resources and Equity).  The Childcare is disproportionately led by Black women and women in Alabama.  Many of them do not earn a living wage. Moreover, childcare represents one of the largest sectors for Black women in entrepreneurship in our state. These women are entrusted with the safety and care of our priceless children, with little say in how the state implements policies to support them. As it stands, child care policy advocacy is a predominantly white industry. Black women and girls are forced to rely on advocates and policymakers who lack the cultural competency and practical experience to make informed decisions. Alabama C.A.R.E creates space for PROVIDER led advocacy!

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