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Juneteenth Celebration
History Harvest
What is a History Harvest?
A history harvest is a community-driven history project. Citizens contribute artifacts, documents, photographs, and stories that are collected, scanned, and stored on a collective online database for everyone to access. The goal is a fuller and richer story about the local community’s history as told by its own citizens.
After the history has been “harvested,” it is shared in the form of a public presentation and website. This makes it a permanent part of the community.
History harvests are only successful with full community participation The more people who contribute stories and artifacts, the more history is harvested. So dig into your basements and attics and help us to tell the story of African-American life in Florence!
Upcoming Harvest Events:
Sun 2 PMHandy Recreation Center · Florence, AL
Sun 2 PMFlorence-Lauderdale Public Library · Florence, AL

Project Say Something is excited to announce three new grant projects that work toward racial equality and social justice in the Shoals!
  • We have also received funding from the Fringe Foundation to conduct an educational campaign surrounding Confederate monuments in the South with a special emphasis on the monument located outside of the Lauderdale County Courthouse in downtown Florence. Stay tuned for more details.