Educating Allies

Garden Spices Magazine, January 4, 2020

Project Say Something: Educating Allies

“As an ally engaged in advocacy work centered around racial justice with Project Say Something, it is important to me that I not only provide a safe space to explore racial injustice, it is critical that I challenge white supremacist viewpoints and assumptions. I’ve come to understand that education is a mindset while working as an educator at historical sites and with community projects. Education is an openness to learning. An openness to change. A desire to understand, to empathize. While young learners are full of wonder and curiosity, do not see race as a controversial topic, and are quick to point out injustices, older students are much less open and much less willing to learn about race and racism. This reflects a failure of allies to challenge the system of white supremacy and encourage life-long learning based around critical inquiry. In short, we must do better so that young learners never stop questioning, never stop being curious, never stop addressing injustice.”  Brian Murphy

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