Florence African-American Heritage Project


The Florence African American Heritage Project launched its website February 24, 2018 at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library.  The Project site is now available for active browsing:


Project Say Something is partnering with the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library to launch the Florence African-American Heritage Project! The project is made possible by a grant from the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area.

The project will establish a series of “history harvests” in which community members are invited to donate copies of their personal materials– photographs, records, documents, letters– that give us a fuller picture of the history and life of African-Americans in Florence. We will have scanners and laptops on hand to assist with the digitization of these items. We will also have voice recorders that will enable us to conduct oral history interviews.

These materials will be scanned, organized, and uploaded to the FLPL’s website under their “local history” tab. They will also be included in Florence’s upcoming bicentennial celebration. Finally, we will build programming around these materials for Black History Month in February 2018, also to be held at the FLPL, and we will use these materials to create an educational packet that can be implemented in fourth-grade classrooms.

Follow us on Facebook for the dates and locations of our history harvest events:


Search your basements and attics for materials that will help us to build a rich and lasting database that will tell the story of African Americans in Florence!

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  1. Time was alot of our life long issues. When a child don’t understand,teachers,busdrivers& classmates.we all join togather by nature as time pass. Without paitants we would be lost. When a few blacks stop talkin an listening we all would. When we pushed around we stood up in ways whit people would bag off. Time is how we become overcomers. We had to see it too belive it.jobs at shoney’s restaurant. I was called ‘boy’ so much i had to stand still for a long time to get the white man attention that he we inslaveing the training. I was washing dishes.By this time people at their tables where standing, stareing ext.Anticipateing my reaction.Filling disrespected hurt not wanting to quit my job. I took my shirt off an threw it on the floor an walked out to my car.while the white man was in amazement that he had took training to a raceist level. After several months he was fired an i was mailed a check for a substantial amount. It put a smile back on my face. But i would have rather had a job. Thank you.
    Charles Anderson

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